Chart of the week: Quarterly debt fundraising

 Slow start to debt fundraising in Q1 2015 with $12.26 billion raised so far


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Only 23 funds held a final close in the first quarter of 2015 raising $12.26 billion. By contrast, 35 funds gathered $24.03 billion from investors in Q1 2014. However, we expect the numbers for 2015 to increase by around 10 percent when all fund data has been collected.

The largest fund closed in this quarter was the European Loan Programme which raised $3.32 billion. However, the largest fund to hold a final close in Q1 2014 – PIMCO BRAVO Fund II – raised $5.50 billion.

Funds with a region specific mandate received 68 percent of the total capital raised in this quarter. Funds with a focus on more than one region, or a global mandate, made up the remaining capital.

362 debt funds are still on the road targeting $183.14 billion collectively. This suggests that fundraising for 2015 may gather pace throughout the year, to match or exceed the aggregate 2014 figures.