Chart of the week: Top five locations of managers raising infrastructure debt funds

 GPs based in India raising the most capital for infrastructure debt funds, with 38.67 percent of the aggregate target size for all funds in market


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Fund managers based in India are currently targeting the most investor capital for infrastructure debt funds at $9.53 billion. Germany is targeting the least capital in relation to the other top five, with $760 million worth of funds currently in market. Managers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are also part of this group.

The largest infrastructure debt fund in market is the IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund, managed by IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd, with a target size of $5 billion. Also being raised by the firm is the second largest fund in market – India Infrastructure Debt Fund targeting $2 billion. The largest fund in market with a GP headquartered in the United States is The Blackstone Group’s GSO Energy Credit Fund, targeting $3 billion.

These large infrastructure debt funds in market, particularly those raised by Indian fund managers, have contributed to an aggregate target fund size of $23 billion out of $24.7 billion being targeted across the asset class globally. Firms based in India have a clear target lead over the next major area – the United States – with a difference of $3.18 billion.