Firms invest in platform to democratise private credit deals

Tradable, Victory Park Capital and Spring Labs ally to break down a silo.

Tradable, a California-based tech concern founded last year to bring fintech to private credit, has partnered with Victory Park Capital and Spring Labs to develop and launch a platform to democratise institution-quality private credit deals.  

As part of deal, Victory Park Capital and Spring Labs participated in Tradable’s seed funding round, along with members of Tradable’s board and management team. Tradable has announced the close of the seed round.  

In an interview, Johnny Reinsch, Tradable founder and chief executive, declined to provide the value of assets raised. He said: “We’re very happy with the results, and the money will help – and has already helped – us in building out a cutting-edge platform.”  

Reinsch also said in a statement: “We believe private credit generates some of the best risk-adjusted returns in the market, yet few investors can access deal opportunities in this asset class. By streamlining syndications for leading managers, we’re lowering the barrier to entry for a broader group of investors to directly participate in institutional-quality private credit deals.” The idea, then, is that the programme will initially operate to advance loan syndications and that its uses will broaden thereafter. 

Reinsch has been involved in growing several fintech concerns. He founded payments company Qwil, targeting a customer base of small and medium-sized businesses, in 2015. He led the company until it was purchased by LSQ last year.   

The platform is an expansion on a data room that Tradable has had live and in beta since June. The AI powered facility is known as “Tradable Live Data Room” (TLDR). To that has been added document signing, investor management, and ongoing deal operations and monitoring.  

Victory Park Capital is a private credit management firm headquartered in Chicago, founded in 2007. According to Private Debt Investor research, it has assets under management of $4.2 billion. Its most recent launch was the VPC Credit Origination fund, in April 2023, with a subordinated debt strategy and a target of $200 million.  

California-based Spring Labs was founded in 2017. It is known for a block-chain-enabled network that allows for the sharing of valuable information without the disclosure of the sourcing, enabled by what Spring Labs calls TrueZero tokenisation. 

Adam Jiwan, co-founder and executive chairman of Spring Labs, said: “Private credit today is where private stock was before advances in technology drastically expanded access. Tradable is similarly reimagining the technology stack for private credit funds and their deals, which is a huge unlock for increasing transaction velocity and expanding distribution.” 

Regarding the development of this partnership toward progress in democratisation of private debt trading, Reinsch said in the interview: “Private credit as an asset class has historically been so siloed. We’ve all had it in our heads to provide more access through the application of technology.”