Friday letter: PDI Awards – Vote now

It’s that time of year – awards season. Voting is open in the second annual PDI Awards.

The closing of the year lends itself to reflection and at Private Debt Investor, as we reflect, we also want to recognise achievements within the market. And so we are delighted to announce that the second annual PDI Awards are now open for voting.

We’ve worked hard to put together shortlists that recognise the firms and deals that have done most this year to drive the development of the market. That development comes in a variety of ways; savvy and rapid deployment of capital, innovation, or prowess in fundraising.

We’ve covered the market from end to end throughout the year and drawing on that experience as well as extensive conversations with key market players, we gradually narrowed down our selections to three or four shortlisted firms in each category.

The shortlists inevitably include the heaviest of the heavy hitters such as GSO, ICG and Ares. But we have not shied away from nominating smaller firms where their achievements also justify the recognition.

If you disagree with our selections, you can choose another firm or deal by entering their name manually. Our process was designed to encourage as much participation as possible – we want the results to reflect the views of the market.

There are 36 categories broken down by region; Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. It’s not necessary to vote in every category, but we encourage you to make a selection in as many as possible.

It is an egalitarian exercise, we encourage everyone to share their views – and remember, you are not voting as an institution, you are voting as an individual.

But to avoid potential manipulation, we will only accept votes registered to a relevant company email address – no yahoo or gmail – and you cannot vote for your own firm or deal.

To recognise that it is not just the private lenders that drive and shape the market, we have added some categories this year including law firm of the year and placement agent of the year.

Some look down the list of lending categories and wonder why we have so many. They are broken down to give firms with different strategies the opportunity to be recognised appropriately. We’ve also added direct lender of the year to reflect its growing popularity and the transition it has gone through from trend to established strategy.

Voting closes at midnight PST on Friday, 16 January 2015.

All that remains is for the PDI team to wish you all the best for the holiday season and invite you to click here to vote!