Fundraising saw modest decline in 2016 – exclusive

Our latest figures show a small fall in global fundraising for private debt last year, but the numbers are still high on a historic average basis.

A total of 151 private debt funds raised just over $111 billion globally last year, according to the latest figures from PDI Research & Analytics.

This made 2016 slightly less prolific than 2015, when almost $120 billion was raised by 184 funds.

The average amount raised for private debt annually since 2009 is around $89.5 billion, meaning that last year is in line with the stronger fundraising years seen since 2013, when a record $133 billion was collected. The highest annual amount raised between 2009 and 2012 was just over $94 billion.

Last year saw a marked shift towards global funds and away from regionally-focused funds. In 2015 global funds raised around $41 billion, compared with approximately $55 billion last year.

But North America-focused fundraising fell from $38.5 billion to almost $31 billion between 2015-16, while Europe-focused fundraising dropped from just over $33 billion to slightly more than $20 billion.

Among the largest funds last year were GSO Capital Partners’ latest $6.5 billion mezzanine fund and a $5.9 billion commercial real estate fund raised by Lone Star Funds.