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FUNDS IN MARKET NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS Infrastructure and Growth Capital Fund Abraaj Capital Dubai Aureos Central Asia Fund Aureos Capital Kazakhstan Avigo SME Fund II Avigo Capital Partners New Delhi CMH Enterprise Fund I Capital Management House Manama China-Israel Value Capital L.P. China Israel Venture Capital China DAC China Special Opportunity and Situation Fund L.P. DAC Financial Management (China) Limited China, Hong Kong MENA Telecom Fund Delta Capital Dubai EM Capital India Discovery Partners Limited EM Capital Management LLC California, New Delhi Indonesian Infrastructure Fund EMP Bahrain Bahrain To be named ePlanet Ventures California Global Buyout Fund L.P. Global Capital Partners Limited Kuwait GVFL SME Fund GVFL Limited Ahmedabad India Media Fund India Media Partners Mauritius To be named Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) and India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) Chennai / New Delhi JS Private Equity Fund I JS Group Karachi Kotak India Focus Fund Kotak Mahindra Investments Limited Mumbai Martin Currie Asia Pacific Fund Martin Currie Edinburgh Navis Asia Fund V L.P. Navis Capital Partners Kuala Lumpur Technology Venture Fund Oxford Capital Partners Limited, Qatar National Bank and Ansbacher Group United Kingdom / Qatar Ascent Medical Technology Fund II L.P. Peggy Farley and Karl Groth New York City, Minneapolis Providential Vietnam Growth Fund Providential Capital California SGAM AI Kantara SGAM Alternative Investments Paris SME Opportunities Fund Sicom Capital Management Private Limited India To be named UBL Asset Management Mumbai Vietcombank Partners Fund 2 Vietcombank Fund Management Hanoi Whitesun T2C Private Equity Whitesun Equity Partners Limited Shanghai, Taipei FUNDS CLOSED NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS Affinity Fund III Affinity Equity Partners Hong Kong AIG Asian Opportunity Fund II AIG Global Investment Group New York ANZ Business Equity Fund ANZ Capital Australia Eagle – Bear Stearns Retail Fund Bear Stearns and Eagle Investment Group New York / Beijing Unitus Equity Fund L.P. Unitus Washington Pacven Walden Ventures VI L.P. Walden International San Francisco WI Harper INC Fund VI Limited WI Harper Group San Francisco, Beijing STRATEGY AMOUNT STATUS TARGETED Middle East, North Africa and South Asia: buyout, growth capital and large scale privatisations US$2bn First close US$500m in February 2007, final close expected after July 2007 Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other countries in the Caspian Basin: SMEs US$120m Announced December 2006, first close expected Ql 2007 India: growth and buyout US$100m-$125m First close over US$25m in August 2006, final close expected Q2 2007 Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC): investments in manufacturing, utility, energy, healthcare, services and technology US$150m Launched March 2007, first close expected by end-May 2007, final close expected October 2007 China: growth investments in medium-sized companies US$200m Currently fundraising China: multi-credit non-performing loans and other distressed/ non-performing assets such as real estate and equity positions US$500m Currently fundraising Middle East: growth investments in telecoms sector USSlOOm Final close expected by end-March 2007 India: growth capital for small to mid-market companies US$200m First close expected Ql 2007 Indonesia: infrastructure USSlbn Launching Ql 2007 China, India, Korea, Japan: early-stage investments in technology, healthcare, automotive and hospitality sectors US$500m To be launched in the near future Middle East, North Africa, Turkey: buyout Not disclosed Launched March 2007 India: early to expansion stage investments INR 2bn Launched August 2006, first close INR lbn expected early 2007, final close expected mid-2007 India: growth investments in media and entertainment sectors US$200m Currently fundraising India: infrastructure US$5bn Launched February 2007, with US$250m contributed by the Blackstone Group, Citigroup and IDFC Pakistan: expansion and buyout investments in sectors such as energy, transportation, telecoms, media, automotive, foodstuffs and textiles US$200m First close US$70m in August 2006, final close expected by Q3 2007 India: quasi private equity fund for investments in mid-market companies, mainly through the secondary market and selectively through PIPEs and IPOs US$200m First close USSlOOm expected soon Asia: capital growth N/A Currently fundraising South and Southeast Asia: mid-market expansion, buyout and recapitalisation USSlbn First close US$915m in March 2007 Qatar: growth stage technology investments USSlOOm Seed funding of US$20m provided by the Qatar Foundation, final close expected early 2007 Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), Jordan: seed, early and mezzanine stage growth companies in medical devices, life science products and biotechnology USSlOOm Currently fundraising, final close to be held either in June 2007 or when target amount is achieved, whichever is earlier Vietnam: growth USSlOOm Currently fundraising North Africa: expansion and buyout €200m First close €100m in March 2007 India: early stage investments in IT, engineering and healthcare INR 1500m Currently fundraising India: infrastructure US$500m Fundraising to commence in May 2007 Vietnam: privatisations and pre-IPOS in oil and gas, banking, insurance, IT and telecoms US$120m Launched February 2007 China and Taiwan: buyout and pre-IPOs US$300m First close US$60m in February 2007 FUNDS OF FUNDS IN MARKET NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS Adveq Asia I Adveq Management AG Zurich GlobeVest New Titans Fund GlobeVest LLC Washington, D.C Global Horizon Fund L.P. Global Horizon Partners LLC Boston FUNDS OF FUNDS CLOSED NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS Axiom Asia Private Capital Fund I L.P. Axiom Asia Private Capital Singapore Vintage Ventures III Vintage Venture Partners Israel REAL ESTATE FUNDS IN MARKET NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS AIPP Asia Aberdeen Property Investors Indirect Investment Management Stockholm Triseas Korea Property Fund L.P. Doran Capital Partners Seoul Malaysia Commercial Development Fund MCDF Management Private Limited Singapore REAL ESTATE FUNDS CLOSED NAME OF FUND NAME OF FIRM HEADQUARTERS CPI Capital Partners Asia Pacific L.P. Citigroup Property Investors New York To be named Kuwait Finance Center Kuwait VinaLand VinaCapital Investment Management Ho Chi Minh City STRATEGY AMOUNT STATUS TARGETED India, China, Japan and Australia: venture capital, growth and buyout N/A USSlOOm received in commitments, final close expected end of March 2007 East and south Asia: mid-market buyout and growth capital US$400m Recently commenced fundraising Vietnam, India, Jordan, Slovenia, Argentina: private equity funds US$150m First close US$75m expected within Ql 2007