LP Perspectives 2024: A ‘brightening of the mood’

In the latest episode of the Private Debt Investor Podcast, Decalia’s Reji Vettasseri examines some of the key findings from our annual study of investor attitudes toward the asset class.

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In this episode of the Private Debt Investor Podcast, we catch up with Reji Vettasseri, lead portfolio manager for private markets investments at Decalia, a Geneva-headquartered wealth management specialist.

Vettasseri reflects on some of the key takeaways from PDI’s LP Perspectives 2024 study in conversation with PDI senior editor Andy Thomson and explains why he thinks appetite to invest in private debt funds is growing after a challenging fundraising year in 2023. He also shares his views on why confidence in private debt performance is so strong, and questions whether investors are necessarily justified in continuing to allocate large amounts of capital to the same strategies they’ve backed up to now.

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