New director for Barclays Private Equity

Andrew Matthews joins as a director of the firm’s UK Infrastructure Fund.

Barclays Capital, the investment banking division of Barclays PLC, has appointed Andrew Matthews as a director of Barclays Private Equity.

Matthews will take up a newly created position and join the team managing Barclays’ UK Infrastructure Fund. He will report to Chris Elliott, managing director of Barclays Capital and manager of the fund.

Matthew joins from the FSA (Financial Security Assurance), where he was a vice president since 1998. FSA is a US monoline insurance company, which among other things, credit enhances PFI transactions in the UK. Prior to this he worked at Alfred McAlpine Plc and John Laing.

Barclays' UK Infrastructure Fund invests in projects sponsored by governments under PFI and PPP. Investments made by the fund include London Luton Airport, Dartford & Gravesham Hospital, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Torbay Schools , Plymouth University , Reading University and Bridlington Schools.