PDI 2017 awards: Up and running!

It’s time to vote: Select the most deserving winners from 47 categories in the largest PDI annual awards to date.

Last year you voted in your thousands. This year, we are hoping the eventual tally will be even larger as we launch our biggest-ever PDI awards. See here to get going in our survey – it won’t take long to complete.

Twelve months ago, we raised the number of categories by four from 39 to 43; this year we have added another four to take the total to 47. Global fundraising of the year, Europe SME lender of the year and speciality finance lenders of the year in the Americas and Europe all make their debuts this time around.

Our usual rules apply, with no-one allowed to vote for their own firm. We will be policing the votes carefully to ensure that the awards retain their reputation for independence, with all winners riding to victory on the back of votes cast by their peers: the way it should be.

We are giving you until midnight GMT on Friday 5 January 2018 to register your votes. That said, there’s no time like the present – so why not set aside a little time today to cast your preferences and make sure that the deadline does not become something to worry about?

Thank you all in advance for helping to make the PDI awards 2017 a big success.