PDI Awards 2016: Let us know your milestones

The PDI Awards 2016 will acknowledge the best firms and deals in the market. This year, we’re asking you to remind us what you’ve achieved.

Awards season is upon us and this year, we’re asking for your help.

Unlike previous years, we’re asking you to remind us why you should be considered in one of our 44 categories. This will help us with our own detailed research and rigorous debates as we seek to draw up shortlists.

Click here to find a submission box allowing you to detail why your firm should be part of the conversation. All entries will be kept confidential. Submission are due 17 November, 1pm GMT.

All are invited to apply. Beyond looking for the best senior, subordinated and distressed lenders, the awards are also seeking to identify the best law firms and placement agents which have contributed most to the ongoing success of the private debt industry. Our categories span North America, Europe and Asia.

Ultimately, PDI will publish shortlists of four options in each category and voting will begin. The winners of each category will be announced early next year.

So, who are completing the best deals, raising the most interesting funds or providing the best advice? At PDI we want the discussion to be as wide ranging as possible – and you can play a part.