PDI Quarterly Report – Q2

The Q2 2015 Private Debt Investor Fundraising Report is out now


With a weak first quarter in terms of capital raised by fund managers, Q2 2015 was an inflexion point with $27.82 billion amassed in capital commitments from 42 funds. At the time of writing this report, confidence in the asset class remains strong as 392 investment vehicles seek an aggregate $199.83 billion from investors –12 more vehicles on the road than at the same time in Q1 2015.

As well as an in-depth analysis of the private credit markets, we investigate the geographical remit of funds raised this year to date and provide a breakdown by strategy focus of vehicles currently in market. We also offer an insight into the investor base with a look at where most of these institutions are headquartered.

The pace of the North American private real estate debt space has slowed down since its peak in 2013. This is an interesting trend, which we analyse fully in our In Focus section on page 7. As well as focusing on the market itself, we take a close look at how much capital is being targeted by funds raising capital for this sector.

Also in this report, Dr. Matthias Unser and Uwe Fleischhauer, managing partners at the Munich-based investment firm YIELCO Investments GmbH, offer their views on the current situation of the private debt market with a focus on the Eurozone. They discuss regulatory concerns and identify the macroeconomic factors they believe are moulding the investment landscape for the asset class.

For more information on any data that makes up the report, please contact Daniel Humphrey Rodriguez.


Q2 2015 Fundraising Report


Q1 2015 Fundraising Report