PODCAST: What LPs and GPs look at to make sense of the higher-rate environment

In our final episode of Private Markets and the end of Cheap Money, we hear from IMCO, Oaktree Capital, BC Partners and more on what investment professionals there keep their eyes on in the era of higher borrowing costs.

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In this final episode of Private Markets and the end of Cheap Money, we hear from LPs and GPs who share what key indicators they keep their eyes on to help make sense of the rising interest rate environment.

Executives from Corsair Capital, BC Partners, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario, MidEuropa Partners, RIAM Alternatives and Oaktree Capital Management told us what signs and signals they look for. These include: inflation, currency moves and, surprisingly, the temperature at which people are setting their thermostats in Europe and unsolicited offers for portfolio companies.

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