Sector special

While some sectors dominate European deals, there are major differences between the UK and continental countries.

Private debt funds across Europe are primarily lending to technology, media and communications, business, infrastructure and professional services and the healthcare and life sciences industries, data reveals.

A study by Deloitte’s Alternative Lender Deal Tracker Q3 2017 shows these sectors make up a significant chunk of deal activity in both the UK and the rest of Europe, however there are some notable differences between the two. PDI’s new interactive charting technology means you can compare the two by clicking below.

In the UK financial services makes up 13 percent of all deal activity compared to just 5 percent in the rest of Europe, reflecting the country’s strong presence in the finance sector.

Conversely, manufacturing companies attract many more private debt deals in mainland Europe, accounting for 18 percent of deals while the UK, which has historically been weaker in manufacturing compared to service-based industries, saw manufacturing account for just 4 percent.