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Tough times may lie ahead for the UK – but will expectations for distressed activity be realised this time?
Investors are understandably nervous about Chinese private credit, but there are still opportunities for those willing to seek them out.
Europe is now more closely aligned with a regulatory approach that has underpinned the growth of the US market, writes the global head of the Alternative Credit Council.
Key financial bodies have very different assessments of how much systemic risk is posed by private debt, writes Alex Di Santo.
Hedging was arguably under-utilised in the run up to the ‘higher for longer’ rate environment
The 'higher for longer' scenario has resulted in some substantial cost increases.
S&P Global Ratings expects that the private credit market will continue to grow in 2024, although more slowly than in 2023.
In growing quickly, private debt has assumed a greater degree of importance as a source of liquidity – accompanying that come fears over what happens if things go wrong.
The sale-leaseback is in fashion due to a combination of a manufacturing construction revival and a credit crunch.
Silhouette of engineer and construction team working at site over blurred background sunset pastel for industry background with Light fair. Created from multiple reference images together.
Private equity real estate firm LCN says sale-leasebacks and build-to-suit deals offer considerable downside protection for investors.

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