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Global deal values hit a 20-year low in January, but the picture is mixed.
Fund managers able to play across the capital structure are best placed.
Interest rate rises to tame inflationary pressures have ‘wrought havoc’ on private debt portfolios, so how are lenders reacting?
Opportunistic credit funds are seeking to benefit from macro uncertainty.
The coming recession will be a major test of how well European private debt funds have prepared for downside, says Triton Debt Opportunities' Amyn Pesnani.
Alternative real estate lenders are small in number but increasingly relied upon by an industry that the banks are withdrawing from. However, there are major difficulties in bridging the funding gap.
'We don’t back companies so they just bumble along sideways, we want to be a catalyst for a step change,' says All Seas Capital's Marc Ciancimino.
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Marathon Asset Management's Bruce Richards shares his expectations for the 2023-24 credit cycle.
Some of private debt’s safer but lower-returning strategies may face stronger competition as interest rates rise, making opportunistic approaches more compelling. Andy Thomson canvasses the views of investors as the asset class contemplates the challenges of a new year.
Disruptive technology and new efficiencies lie in the wings for trade finance, but an additional nudge may be necessary to get them to centre stage.

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