Upgraded AsiaDealBox aims to double deal count

The debt origination platform is pushing to get three to four deals executed each quarter by the end of the year.

Online origination platform, AsiaDealBox, has upgraded its offering to allow lenders to search by yield parameters, chief executive of the firm, Andrew Veale told PDI. It averages two transactions a month and hopes to roughly double that by the end of the year, Veale said.

The website facilitated $30 million in lending in the first quarter of 2015, he added.

The platform is owned by Netherlands-based Amstel Securities, the agency business of the Amstel Group. The AsiaDealBox team leverage Amstel’s existing infrastructure including its offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok to help source borrowers for the platform.

It due diligences deals before they are listed on the site for investors to find, confirming that the company has the resources to meet loan repayments, explained Veale. Potential borrowers are required to identify what they need to borrow, security offered and the yield range they expect. When the yield offered is too low, the AsiaDealBox team explain and encourage them to offer more realistic returns, he added. The platform is sector-agnostic and deals range from Indian manufacturing businesses to Singaporean real estate.

Over 150 lenders, ranging in size from $100 million funds to the multi-billion dollar operations like KKR and BlackRock, access the platform to source deals, Veale said. For loans under $5 million, which is the rough limit for institutional lenders, the firm reaches out to family offices and high net worth individuals, many of which are Asian. 

Lenders can access the site for free, borrowers pay a success fee to AsisDealBox based on how much money the site raises for the company.

Amstel Securities is a broker of high yield, financial and corporate bonds. The firm has an Asia-focus and launched itself as a broker for European institutional investors seeking to invest in Asian debt markets.