A good partner in private equity

Collin Roche has been involved in some of the most successful deals at Chicago private equity firm GTCR Golder Rauner ever since joining in 1996. But where the 33-year-old GTCR principal has particularly made a name for himself at the firm is in the transaction processing sector, including a number of automatic teller machine (ATM) and credit card processing deals such as Transaction Network Services and Skylight Financial. A source at one of Roche's portfolio companies calls him a good partner in the private equity business. “As his expertise overtime has become the transaction environment, he's done a nice job of evaluating the business. He's clearly focused and amiable, and he's a very persistent person when it comes to completing an objective.” Focused and amiable – good skills for a firm that specialises in wooing top CEOs to portfolio companies.