PODCAST: Who will be the winners and losers in mid-market lending?

Andrew Lockhart of Metrics Credit Partners and Kelly Morton of Skye Capital Advisory discuss what's happened to portfolio companies and deal pipelines since the March meltdown, and what the implications are of public relief funds for mid-market lenders.

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In our latest episode of Spotlight, we discuss what happened to investment portfolios and the direct lending deal pipelines of mid-market lenders after the global market meltdown in March. We also discuss the implications of the record-high fiscal stimulus for mid-market credit investors and what choices borrowers can consider coming out of the pandemic crisis.

Joining us is Andrew Lockhart, one of the original founding partners and managing partner of Metrics Credit Partners, the largest non-bank corporate lender in Australia, as well as Kelly Morton, the founder of Skye Capital Advisory, a leading independent debt advisory and capital-structuring firm based in Sydney.

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