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The past 10 years has seen debt move firmly into the investment mainstream, with signs of continued growth ahead.
Private debt has had to prove itself through one crisis after another, says AllianzGI’s Deborah Zurkow.
PDI Health A-Z - Financing
The second part of our A-Z looks at financing, growth, healthtech, infectious diseases, joint ownership and KOLs.
PDI A-Z healthcare
The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of the healthcare sector. Some of the letter choices were more obvious than others: no surprise for guessing that C stands for covid.
PDI Health A-Z - Ancillary
In the first part of our A-Z, we examine ancillary healthcare, biotech, covid-19, digitisation and eldercare.
PDI Health A-Z - Visualisation
In the final part of our A-Z we look at visualisation, wellbeing, X-rays and diagnostics, youth services and Zoom healthcare.
PDI Health A-Z - Quality of care
The fourth part of our A-Z looks at quality of care, R&D, scalability, tie-ups and universal healthcare.
PDI Health A-Z - Logistics
The third part of our A-Z looks at logistics, mental health, nursing homes, outcomes and pharmaceuticals.
Distressed investing has had a relatively quiet time of it, but that’s about to change. FocusPoint’s co-founder and CEO examines the pressures that are mounting up to create an explosion of opportunity
Volatile times call for new and perhaps unusual approaches. John Bakie takes a look at three investment firms with specific angles to weather changing environments

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