PODCAST: Why direct lending will keep growing

Deals are getting larger, and those providing the loans are becoming more trusted and sophisticated. Craig Packer of Blue Owl Capital thinks these are reliable indicators that direct lending is set to expand and prosper.

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This episode is sponsored by Blue Owl Capital

Direct lending has made huge advances since the global financial crisis. It’s now accounting for a large proportion of private debt fundraising and it’s showing an ability to do ever-larger deals. But some wonder, given a more challenging fundraising environment and a volatile macro-economic background, whether the strategy has reached its limits. This is not the view held by Blue Owl Capital’s Craig Packer.

In this episode of Spotlight, Packer, who is a co-president of the firm and member of its executive committee, speaks with Andy Thomson, senior editor of private debt at PEI Group, about the opportunity for direct lenders to grow even more amid the continuing retreat of banks and the growth of specialised strategies.