In the turbulent world we see around us in 2022, it’s clear there are plenty of concerns and anxieties for all of us. But what are the major worries of private debt investors as they survey the investment landscape? That’s the question we asked six leading asset class professionals – and, in the following pages, you will find their highly insightful responses.

Interestingly, there was no overlap between choices, as every individual volunteered their own unique challenge. The six topics were as follows: uncertainty (Deborah Zurkow, Allianz GI); liquidity (Dan Zwirn, Arena Investors); competition (Chris York and Greg Mason, Ares Management); ESG (Sabrina Fox, European Leveraged Finance Association); valuations (Ingo Wichelhaus, Mount Street Group); and transparency (Nelson Chu, Percent).

Read on to find out more about why these challenges were chosen, along with thoughts on what the asset class can do to avoid being knocked off course by them.