Rising Stars 2019: Keep the nominations coming!

There’s just under a week to go for us to receive recommendations relating to private debt’s youthful trailblazers.

Plenty of nominations have already been gratefully received for our inaugural Private Debt Investor Rising Stars 2019. With the clock ticking towards the deadline of Thursday 14 February, it’s time to act!

To be eligible, nominees should be under the age of 40 on 1 April 2019.

Nominations should be sent to risingstars@peimedia.com stating which of the following five categories they are being entered for:

Corporate finance / debt advisory
Placement agent / fundraiser

Please note the list is 20 in total, not per category.

You are expected to include details, in no more than 500 words, about what the person has achieved to make them worthy of being included on the list, and any specific deals that the nominee has worked on or career achievements that make them worthy of inclusion.

Any information included in the nomination should be suitable for publication.

To be eligible, nominees must include the name of someone at another firm that they consider worthy of joining the list and say why.

Firms and PRs are welcome to submit nominations, but no more than a single nomination per firm for each category.

PDI’s senior editorial team will decide the composition of the list ahead of its publication in the April 2019 issue of PDI.