VIDEO: Antares on resilience through rigor

Antares’ Michele Kovatchis on the importance of harnessing granular analysis and retaining in-house talent to navigate volatility.

This video is sponsored by Antares Capital

The future of portfolio management, according to Michele Kovatchis, isn’t about casting wider nets, but about diving deeper.

As Antares Capital’s senior managing director and head of the Credit Advisory Group, Kovatchis’ dynamic and rigorous approach to risk management involves granular analysis, a commitment to retaining in-house talent and leveraging the firm’s long-time experience navigating variable economic cycles. This approach fuels a more resilient investment strategy in the face of global economic volatility.

In an exclusive interview with PEI Group senior special projects editor Chase Collum, Kovatchis discusses the Antares approach and its underlying philosophy. Her insights shed light on Antares Capital’s ongoing success and on what the firm believes is a key differentiator in unpredictable market conditions.