VIDEO: Consistency is key

Twin Brook’s Kim Trick and Sarah Roche say historical experience and human capital impact direct lenders’ abilities to support borrowers and manage through cycles.

This video is sponsored by Twin Brook Capital Partners.

Through the pandemic, the strength of private debt providers’ abilities to support borrowers and manage portfolios was tested. With the liquidity needs of private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies’ rapidly evolving across the past 20 months, lenders were at the forefront.

Throughout that period, strong team continuity and a consistent, methodical approach were as critical as ever, say Twin Brook Capital Partners head of underwriting Kim Trick and director Sarah Roche.

On the topic of underwriting, whether in a period of growth or through challenging times, “Our overall goal is to manage risk for our investors but also to provide surety of execution for our [private equity] clients,” says Trick.

When it comes to executing on this, Roche notes that team building – finding and retaining great people – and maintaining a “collaborative team approach” are key.

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