VIDEO: Mid-market healthcare – an active, resilient sector

Healthcare activity in the middle market has been and is expected to remain robust, driven by a number of factors, says Twin Brook Capital Partners’ Faraaz Kamran.

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The healthcare sector makes up a significant percentage of GDP in the US, though this is just one of the reasons private equity interest in the space has been increasing over the past two decades.

“There are growing costs, growing inefficiencies, so there are great opportunities for healthcare private equity sponsors to come in, acquire companies, consolidate, bring core competencies to those companies, take costs out of the system, serve patients better, and that’s attracted more and more investors,” says Twin Brook Capital Partners senior partner Faraaz Kamran.

Businesses in the space generally proved resilient through the pandemic, as much of the sector is focused on non-discretionary services. With the support of thoughtful partners, many of these companies were able to turn their attention back to growth by mid-to-late 2020, driving robust activity in the space that has continued through today, Kamran says.

Watch our interview with Faraaz Kamran to hear more about the performance of the healthcare sector to date and expectations about activity in the space moving forward.