VIDEO: Mid-market healthcare through the pandemic & beyond

Twin Brook’s Faraaz Kamran reflects on lending in the healthcare space over the past two-plus years, where we are today, and his expectations for the future.

This video is sponsored by Twin Brook Capital Partners. 

In the face of a global pandemic and the ensuing challenges of the past two-plus years, the healthcare sector proved to be highly resilient, and that resilience has continued to drive an incredible level of interest in the space.

“You saw resiliency overall. Even during the lockdown, you saw people still needed to get emergency procedures done. Post-lockdown, you saw this tremendous demand that was unmet come in, and so between private equity firms, their limited partners, even lenders, you saw massive interest,” says Faraaz Kamran, Senior Partner at Twin Brook Capital Partners. “You saw in 2021, record numbers in healthcare private equity M&A transactions,” and looking ahead, he believes the healthcare market will remain robust through the balance of this year and likely into next.

When it comes to lending to companies and their private equity sponsors in this very active and complex space, Kamran notes that experience and industry expertise matter. “Healthcare, it’s a huge part of GDP… [but] it is not one size fits all,” he says. “Each subsector moves on its own…so we really want to make sure that we’re being thoughtful on the platform and we’re being thoughtful on the subsector, and then decide: Is this a deal we want to pursue? And is this the right structure for this situation? And so there, having expertise, having done so many deals in so many subsectors, really arms us with an ability to be a thoughtful partner.”

Watch the full interview for more of Kamran’s perspective on lending in the healthcare space through the pandemic and moving forward.